Training your heart with mindfulness.

A five hour retreat. 


2018 is the year of self care.  A year to learn how we can take better care of ourselves; how to let go of our harmful habits; and how to replace these harmful habits with the practice of loving kindness.  

Perhaps you are new to this term: loving kindness. But for millenia, loving kindness has been central to the practice and cultivation of mindfullness meditation. 

It can be defined as a practice, a state of mind, 

In this five hour retreat, we will explore the practice of loving kindness and its role in y

But the holidays can also be very stressful. Between the shopping, preparations, and organizing, one can get easily lost in it all and become frazzled, overwhelmed, or disheartened. 

In this five hour retreat, you will learn how 


The program will explore simple, practical, and life-changing teachings on: 

1. Growing self compassion.

2. Understanding how to love wisely.

3. Different forms of meditations designed to cultivate love, kindness, patience, friendliness, and compassion.

4. Working mindfully with interpersonal conflict.

5. Maintaining a calm mind amidst the holiday season.